Drawing near and not drawing near by Busayo Asikhia

Sis Busayo Asikhia
Topic: Drawing near and not drawing near
Text: Isaiah 29:10-15, 2 chronicles 13:3
What does it mean to draw near?
The qualities of men and women who drew near to God.
1. The identity of the man before God: There are so many people who have so many gods like money, women, riches, worldly things etc., such people cannot draw near to God. As for Abijah in 2 chronicles 13:3, the lord God is his own God. So many times what has been the hindrance in drawing near to God is our identity. What is your identity before God? Is there any clear difference between you and an unbeliever? A man who acts and lives like an unbeliever cannot draw near to God. We cannot challenge God with our sinful life which has prevented us from drawing near to God. King Hezekiah, Joshua are some of the men who challenged God with their identity.

2. The Lord is their God. Can you say boldly to God that the Lord is your God? Men who draw near to God do not have any other gods apart from the God of heaven.

3. They are men who have not forsaken God. This is when a man forget to consult God but after taken steps before he remembers God. When a man goes into sin, he has automatically forsaken God.

4. They burnt unto the Lord every morning and evening. They minister unto the Lord alone and not to themselves or the people.

5. God himself is with them. They keep charge of the God.

6. Consecration 2 Chronicles 29:31. Any man who will draw near must consecrate himself. It is setting yourself (heart, eyes, body, e.t.c) apart because your body is for the Lord.

7. Entering into covenant with God… 2 Chronicles 15:12. It is to enter into a covenant with God with all our heart.
8. Being ready to suffer Esther 4:16, Esther 5:1-3. This means there must be the ability and determination to suffer. Esther was able to draw near because of the determination of her heart not minding the consequence. Often times we are not ready to suffer that is why we remain on the same spot.
Dangers Of Not Drawing Near. Isaiah 29:10
1. The spirit of deep sleep comes over
2. The vision will become sealed
3. Woe unto the man


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