ANCEDRAM Media Foundation


A.     GOAL:    To produce spiritually and technically competent manpower that will meet God’s requirement in the areas of film, television and drama Productions.

B.     OBJECTIVES:  The primary aim of AMF is to recruit and equip brothers and sisters for the work of the ministry (Drama and film productions) and also for the corporate building of the body of Christ in our land and in our generation.

We are trusting God to accomplish the under listed in the lives of the trainee

i.                    Willingly becoming true disciple of the Lord Jesus

ii.                  Establishment of faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

iii.                A heart filled with understanding and consciousness of God’s call and readiness to pursue it with all vigor

iv.                Daily walking in the manifestations of the Holy spirit in various aspects of drama ministry and personal lives

v.                  The grace and vision to disciple others in drama ministry and every other facets of their lives as God provides opportunities


A.     GENERAL FOCUS: AMF is not intended to assume the posture of a bible school neither shall the training emphasize mere head and technical knowledge. Emphasis shall be laid on the actual impartation of the grace of God on the life of the individual participant as well as the practical realization of God’s purpose in drama and film ministry.

             Therefore, the programme shall take the format of an intimate personal relationship rather than just academic course programme. There   shall be award of certificate base on film technical ingenuity of the trainee.

B.     SPIRITUAL COURSES: Courses include

1. New creation man,

2. Training of the new creation man,

3. Drama minister lifestyle,

4. Drama minister’s prayer life,

5. Drama minister’s marital relationship,

6. Ministering the word of God effectively

7. Man in God’s service

It is expected of every trainee to have at least a bible and where possible, different version of the bible to enhance understanding. It is also expected for trainees to have and use writing materials to take note of issues that touches his/her heart in the course of the classes. As needs arise, there can be recommended text book by proven Christian authors which shall be purchased by the trainee.

C.     TECHNICAL COURSES: Film and drama production courses shall be divided into various departments viz:

–          Cinematography

–          Directing

–          Make- up

–          Acting

–          Editing

–          Script writing & Screenplay


The duration of the programme as a whole shall not be fixed for each individual since our emphasis is not on head knowledge but on the formation of Christ’s life in each participant. However, each trainee is expected to go through a -three life transfer contacts (October, February and July) Which is subject to periodical review.     

 ASSESMENT: Each participant is expected to work through the personal assessment questions in writing at the beginning and end of every contact. This is to be submitted under cover through the floor group leader. Assignments shall also be given to students as needs arise. There shall also be short examinations based on technical courses taken during each contact.

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